Jersey Mike’s Menu: The Insider’s Guide to Savory Delights

by Spicyrranny
Jersey Mike’s Menu: The Insider's Guide to Savory Delights

There are few pleasures more universally satisfying than the art of the sandwich – an ancient, simple delight that continues to be reinvented. Within the culinary realm of sandwich excellence, one name has risen to claim a spot at the forefront of timeless taste – Jersey Mike’s Menu. Despite its humble beginnings in 1956, Jersey Mike’s has established itself as a go-to destination for genuine sub-loving folks. But with a menu as expansive and varied as the shoreline that inspired the brand’s name, navigating the delectable offerings can be a challenge. Let’s explore the labyrinth of savory goodness that awaits on the Jersey Mike’s menu. This is the insider’s guide for every legendary taste, every fresh bite, and every hearty Jersey Mike’s moment.

The History of Jersey Mike’s

To truly appreciate the menu, we must understand the roots. Jersey Mike’s Subs began as Mike’s Subs in 1956 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. It was literally a shack. Yet, through the decades, it evolved into the internationally recognized brand known for its authentic Jersey-style subs. The signature style? Fresh-sliced, top quality meats and cheeses piled high on in-store baked bread. The secret to their success? A commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and an undying devotion to the culinary craft of sandwiches.

Jersey Mike’s doesn’t just serve subs – they serve stories and traditions of the brand that have traveled through generations of families. What began as a singular sandwich destination in the shore town has blossomed into over 2,000 locations across the United States.

Understanding Jersey Mike’s Menu Layout

Before we immerse ourselves in the gastronomic wonders of Jersey Mike’s, it’s essential we understand the menu layout. Jersey Mike’s divides its menu into distinct sections, making it easy to find what you’re craving:

  • Starters: These are the bites that prepare your palate for the meal ahead.
  • Main Course: The heart of the menu, where the famous subs reside.
  • Vegetarian Options: A modern twist offering plant-based alternatives.
  • Sub Selection: A detailed exploration of iconic sub varieties.
  • Grill Specialties: For those who take their sandwiches toasted.
  • Cold Subs: A detailed menu of delectable non-grilled options.
  • Famous Philly Cheesesteaks: A nod to the state’s culinary heritage.
  • The Wrap Bar: Handcrafted wrappings that pack a punch.
  • Salads: For the lighter lunch crowd that refuses to concede on flavor.
  • Kids’ Menu: Child-approved options that cater to youthful tastes.
  • Desserts: Jersey Mike’s interpretation of the ‘sweet surprise’.
  • Drinks: To wash it all down with.
  • Seasonal Specials: Limited-time items that add variety.
  • Nutritional Information: Transparency for the health-conscious diner.

Each section of the menu is a cornucopia of culinary craftsmanship, featuring an array of items carefully crafted to satisfy a wide range of tastes and lifestyles.

Starters: A Peek into Jersey Mike’s Menu

Kick off your Jersey Mike’s meal with a variety of starter options that perfectly set the tone for the hearty delights that follow. From their iconic chips to savory soups, Jersey Mike’s starters tantalize your taste buds and leave you longing for more.

Popular Starters

Some of the top choices that loyal Jersey Mike’s customers swear by include:

  • Jersey Mike’s Famous Chips: A selection of tasty kettle-cooked chips with flavors ranging from classic salt to zesty barbeque.
  • Soup of the Day: A revolving door of delicious soups, often seasonally inspired.
  • Loaded Nachos: A crispy, cheesy platter that’s perfect for sharing or indulging solo.

Each starter is a gateway to the culinary odyssey that is Jersey Mike’s menu.

Main Course: The Heart of Jersey Mike’s Menu

When it comes to the Main Course at Jersey Mike’s, the subs reign supreme.

Jersey Mike’s Signature Dishes

The core of Jersey Mike’s menu is its iconic subs, such as:

  • Signature Big Kahuna Cheese Steak: A tropical twist on the Philly classic, complete with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, and a hefty dose of cheese.
  • The Original Italian: A masterful medley of provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, and pepperoni, spiced up with the signature Jersey Mike’s Mikes-way combo of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices.
  • The Famous Philly Cheese Steak: A nod to Philadelphia’s culinary icon, featuring a generous portion of grilled steak with your choice of American or provolone cheese.

Vegetarian Options at Jersey Mike’s

For those who steer clear of meat but don’t want to miss out on the Jersey Mike’s experience, the vegetarian options offer a brave new world of flavors and textures.

The Growing Veggie Menu

Jersey Mike’s has expanded its vegetarian offerings to include:

  • Veggie Delite: A garden in a sandwich, showcasing freshly-sliced, healthy veggie options.
  • The Grilled Portabella and Swiss Sub: A grilled portabella mushroom with melted Swiss cheese, perfectly complemented by a trio of green leaf, tomatoes, and mild red wine vinegar.

The Vegetarian selection at Jersey Mike’s is proof that meatless doesn’t mean flavorless.

The Sub Selection at Jersey Mike’s Menu

Jersey Mike’s is renowned for its subs, each carefully engineered to provide a burst of flavor in every bite. The Sub Selection is an ode to the sandwich and a treasure trove of sub varieties that barely scratches the surface of the brand’s creativity.

The Sub Categories

The variety of subs is staggering, with choices like:

  • Club Subs: Premium meats and cheeses stacked high with crisp veggies.
  • Cheese Steaks: A carnivore’s dream, each sliver of grilled meat nestled in a roll and smothered in cheese.
  • Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak: A fiery take on the Philly classic, blended with Jersey Mike’s secret buffalo sauce.

The Sub Selection at Jersey Mike’s is a mosaic of meats and infusions of creative condiments that ensures there’s a sub to spark the cravings of every palate.

Jersey Mike’s Grill Specialties

For a slightly different take on the classic sub, head to the Grill Specialties section of Jersey Mike’s menu. These subs are toasted to perfection, enhancing the flavors and textures of the ingredients within.

Grilled Sandwiches Done Right

Some of the fan favorites include:

  • Chicken Parmesan: A golden-brown chicken cutlets topped with marinara sauce and melted parmesan.
  • Chipotle Cheese Steak: A sizzling array of provolone-topped grilled onions and peppers, joined by a chipotle mayo for extra spice.

Jersey Mike’s Grill Specialties take the familiar sandwich and turn up the heat for a new twist.

The Cold Subs of Jersey Mike’s Menu

On hot days or for those who prefer their subs untouched by heat, the Cold Subs section delivers a refreshing array of sandwiches that pack in all the flavors you expect from Jersey Mike’s.

Relishing the Cold Cuts

Enjoy favorites like:

  • Turkey and Provolone: Sliced turkey breast topped with provolone cheese, jammed with vegetables of your choosing.
  • Club Supreme: A deluxe combo of roast beef, turkey, Swiss, and applewood smoked bacon, dressed Mikes-way.

Jersey Mike’s Cold Subs are more than just a lunch option; they’re a delicious tradition.

Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly Cheesesteaks

An ode to Pennsylvania, Jersey Mike’s offers a variety of Philly Cheesesteaks that are tributes to the beloved classic.

A Taste of Philadelphia in Every Bite

Indulge in:

  • The Original American Cheese Steak: Grilled onions, peppers, and a choice of American, provolone, or white American cheese.
  • The Famous Philly Mushroom Cheese Steak: A meaty mushroom melt with a choice of Spicy Deli Mustard or fiery chipotle mayo.

Jersey Mike’s Philly Cheesesteaks are a symphony of beef and cheese that will make you feel like a champion.

The Wrap Bar: Jersey Mike’s Handcrafted Wraps

For those who prefer wraps to traditional subs, the Handcrafted Wraps section at Jersey Mike’s is a celebration of fresh flavor combinations.

Wrap Favorites

Options include:

  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap: A fiery ensemble of chicken tenderloins, Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce, and creamy blue cheese dressing.
  • Turkey and Bacon Ranch Wrap: A delectable duo of turkey and applewood smoked bacon bathed in buttermilk ranch.

Discover why Jersey Mike’s has made its mark not just in subs, but in the art of the wrap.

Salads: Fresh Flavors at Jersey Mike’s Menu

For those looking for a lighter option without compromising on taste, Jersey Mike’s salads are the answer. Each salad is a freshness-packed palette ready to be painted with your choice of dressings and add-ons.

The Garden of Greens

Highlighted choices are:

  • Chicken Caesar Salad: Romaine lettuce adorned with grilled chicken and parmesan cheese, tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing.
  • Turkey Salad Sub in a Tub: A protein-packed ensemble that offers all the flavors of a sub without the bread.

Jersey Mike’s salads are a perfect harmony of nutrition and flavor that deserves a place in any foodie’s heart.

Jersey Mike’s Kid’s Menu: Delights for the Little Ones

For the youngest of food enthusiasts, Jersey Mike’s has a dedicated menu that offers smaller portions of their popular items.

Kid-Friendly Options

The kid’s menu includes:

  • A Mini Turkey: A scaled-down version of the Turkey and Provolone sub that’s perfect for little hands.
  • Mini Ham: Miniaturized delight for the ham-loving tykes.

Jersey Mike’s ensures there’s something for every member of the family.

Desserts: Sweet Endings at Jersey Mike’s

No meal is complete without something sweet, and Jersey Mike’s is well-aware of this universal truth. The dessert menu features a carefully curated selection of treats that put a satisfying cap on any dining experience.

Tempting Treats

Don’t miss:

  • The Giant Oatmeal Raisin Cookie: A colossal confection that’s perfect for sharing or indulging solo.
  • Brownies: The ultimate comfort food for chocolate lovers, served warm for an extra dose of joy.

Jersey Mike’s desserts offer a delightful exclamation point to the main course.

Jersey Mike’s Drink Menu: From Lemonades to Soft Drinks

The Drink Menu at Jersey Mike’s is a quenching oasis of beverages designed to complement your meal, no matter the time of day or year.

Beverage Bounty

Choices range from:

  • Refreshing Lemonades: Classic and seasonal twists to the timeless thirst-quencher.
  • Soft Drinks: Familiar sodas that are perfect for pairing with any sub.

Jersey Mike’s drink selection ensures that your sub experience is a complete package of satisfaction.

Seasonal Specials at Jersey Mike’s Menu

To keep things exciting, Jersey Mike’s offers seasonal specials that reflect the flavors of the time of year. Seasonal items are the brand’s way of injecting a fresh spin without compromising on their core values of quality and taste.

Time-Limited Temptations

Look out for:

  • Summer Grilling Specials: When Jersey Mike’s brings out the spiciest concoctions to celebrate the heat.
  • Winter Warmers: Hearty, comfort-inspired treats that warm the soul.

These limited-time offerings are a must-try for any Jersey Mike’s fan looking to expand their palate.

Nutritional Information: A Closer Look at Jersey Mike’s Menu

For the health-conscious diner, Jersey Mike’s also offers a detailed breakdown of the nutritional values of each item on their menu. This level of transparency is a testament to the brand’s commitment to customer care.

Making Informed Choices

On the surface of indulgence, Jersey Mike’s stands out in guiding patrons to make informed food choices.

  • Calorie Counters: Equipped with data to help you stay within your dietary limits without sacrificing your favorite sandwich.
  • Allergen Information: Insight into the ingredients for those with sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

Jersey Mike’s encourages you to be proactive about your health without taking the fun out of dining.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Jersey Mike’s

With such a dense menu, maximizing your visit to Jersey Mike’s requires a strategic approach. Start with the time of day, your hunger level, and any dietary preferences. Then, take your time to peruse each section of the menu and make conscious choices that reflect your mood and appetite. Don’t shy away from exploring new items but also take comfort in the familiarity of your all-time favorites.

Conclusion: The Allure of Jersey Mike’s Menu

Jersey Mike’s menu is a veritable temple for both classic and avant-garde sandwich aficionados. Through the years, the brand has expanded its offerings to cater to the growing and diverse tastes of its loyal customers, while never straying from its commitment to quality and taste. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a newbie sub-savorer, Jersey Mike’s menu is a promise of a memorable culinary adventure that begins and ends with one of life’s simplest, most appreciated pleasures – the sandwich.


How can I find the nearest Jersey Mike’s location?

You can find the nearest Jersey Mike’s location on their website or through various maps and location-based services.

Are there any secret menu items at Jersey Mike’s?

While there is no official secret menu at Jersey Mike’s, some creative customers and enthusiastic team members have come up with their own unique subs. Don’t be afraid to ask or get inventive.

What’s the most popular sub at Jersey Mike’s?

The Original Italian is one of the most popular subs at Jersey Mike’s, but preferences can vary by region and personal taste.

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